We Are On The Cover Of The Uniter!!!

We Are On The Cover Of The Uniter!!!

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!! We had the pleasure of being featured by the Uniter, a local newspaper that serves the University of Winnipeg and downtown community.

When we got the email from Keesha Harewood requesting to do a cover feature on Black hair, I was ecstatic. Finally, we get an opportunity to discuss a topic thats very rarely talked about for many reasons. She reaches out to other stylists too in the industry such as Kemi Lisoyi (IG: @kemi_lis) and Francine Oyoa (IG: @francescoiffure for their thoughts on Afro Hair.

Each one of us has their own hair journey often marked by struggles stemming back to childhood. For us black people, the relationship with our hair is its a bit deeper than what meets the eye.

From the "fro" to hair wraps to braids, we use hairstyles as a personal expression of who we are and to show the evolution of our culture over time, an evolution which has brought us to a time when more and more Black people are embracing the natural beauty of their own hair

Have a read; https://uniter.ca/view/this-is-our-hair

If you have any thoughts, questions or opinions on afro styling we would love to hear them.

Ms Hairbru.
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