We pride ourselves on our quality wigs. They feel like just hair, is what most of our customers say to us. And thats because it is.We ethically source our human hair from safe and reliable sources. Our delicate stitching is what makes us stand out. Each wig we make is different and unique.They are Perfect for everyday use, and most importantly, we are always around if you need minor style changes, fix rips and so one. We are here to serve :)

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Dare To Be Different

So you can rent, a tux, a dress, shoes but you cant rent a wig?

We opened this up to those who have projects like;Film πŸŽ₯, Weddings πŸ’’ Photo shoots πŸ“·and basically any occasion that will require a hairpiece that will excentuate your look.Β 

Pick from our range of wig designs and find the one that speaks to you. Take it our for a spin for a few days and return in good condition. Our specialist take it through a detailed cleaning process and its good as new for the next person.Our overall mission is to reduce production, reduce wastage and do our part to save our planet. Take this journey with us

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