The name HairBru, (pronounced ‘hairbrew’) was inspired by, as Nadia recalls, the ritual of grandmothers and mothers telling ancestral stories to their daughters as they were braiding hair and making tea. While the tea was brewing, so were the folk tales. Stories were passed on, strong bonds were forged.

Nadia's journey to loving her hair

I’ve been braiding hair since my teens and Afro - styling is a passion that developed into a career over the years. I immigrated to Canada from Kenya in my early high school years, at that time options for Afro textured hair was limited. It was a stressful time as a teenager and a newcomer. 

Growing up in Canada pushed me to explore my hair, in all its kinks and curls. Out of necessity, I learned how to braid my own hair, sew & alter wigs for the harsh winters, and this experience led me on an incredible journey. I made a conscious decision to educate myself and others about Afro hair by creating this safe space, where we can all have the option to enjoy wigs, braids, and locs.

Hairbru opened its doors in 2019 on 691 Corydon Ave, WInnipeg MB. Located on Treaty 1 Territory and on the ancestral lands of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene Peoples and in the homeland of the Red River Métis Nation.We offer our respect and gratitude to the traditional caretakers of this land.


Is to promote and share knowledge around protective hairstyles such as braids, wigs & locs, in order to normalize them in everyday settings.

The lack of affordable and readily available natural hair products, the lack of educated hairstylists in textured hair, the fact that locs and other protective hair styles are seen as "not professional" are some of the reasons why Hairbru was born.


Is to EDUCATE hair professionals & help them gain working knowledge in textured hair, 
to EMPOWER individuals who are made to feel less than when rocking hairstyles that do not conform to western culture, & 
to ELEVATE representation all across the board.

Hairbru is a hair extension hub specializing protective styling, human hair extensions & installs. We provide a safe space for any customer to come experience & enjoy their our hair culture & heritage, from the hair extensions & services we offer, to the hand made, locally owned haircare products we carry; all that at an affordable price.