Wig Wednesday Feature - Aki

Wig Wednesday Feature - Aki

Wednesday has been one of our favourite days of the week for a long time now here at HairBru. Because wigs bring joy and confidence to us. Yes we get to experience it everyday but Wednesday still feels like a holiday to us. Wig Wednesday is great because of the variety of people that love wigs. Wether they be a lifestyle or a fun addition to your style. We have met tons of amazing humans that are apart of our community. Thats why we decided to do Wig Features. To help showcase the people breaking the stigma of wigs being “foreign,” when really they are a common way to bring happiness.

Aki recently celebrated her 18th birthday with us here at HairBru. We chatted while she enjoyed getting her wig install to learn more about her and be a feature for us. Aki has planned a wonderful photoshoot at Assiniboine park, with her photographer friend Isaac. With a gorgeous dress and dramatic golden makeup look planned, she sure knows to to stunt!

The first wig she ever purchased from us was the one she got for her graduation this year. At first she was going to buy a wig online but was nervous because her graduation was something special. So luckily her good friend that got a wig with us recommended HairBru. She loved the wig her friend got that was a long straight black wig. Aki visited with some friends to pick the wig of her dreams. A curly mood was loved by everyone. The quick 30 minute graduation was the most memorable 30 minutes she had.

Because Covid, young adults that were just about to experience life have been struck with the sad reality of not being able to do stuff we used to as young adults. It is sad that just as your new journey began everything was put on hault. But still find the things that will give you enjoyment during these times, like wigs! One day you will get to experience all the fun that comes with being a young adult.

We asked how she feels being 18 and we laughed “No more fake ID’s,” but we only kid! But the truth is that Aki will enjoy herself but not be too hyped. Staying grounded as she states. Which is extremely mature of her. With the new changes of being an adult, everything being in her name, taxes, she feels like it will be stressful. But were sure she will get the hang of it. If we have any advice would be to take care of your credit!
Thank you Aki for the visit and we are so happy to have spent your birthday with you. Enjoy your life and be thankful for being alive. Thank you for being our feature. Continue to be a boss babe and do your thing. We cannot wait to see you grow up and blossom. Thank you for including us in your journey.

Thanks for reading,
JJ Wells.
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