Wig Wednesday Feature - Muna

Wig Wednesday Feature - Muna

Whenever Muna comes around to HairBru it is always a good time. That is why we are pleased to have her as our feature for this wig Wednesday. We got to sit and chat with her about her journey and she constantly inspires us and brings joy here.

Muna expresses how she used to worry about everything. ‘I used to be afraid of judgement, so I didn’t try anything at all’ She lets us know that God has a master plan. “If I have learned anything it is to trust the process. I had to relook at my life and change so many things around me. Adopting this lifestyle of going with the flow has let her live an easier life. ‘Same thing with wearing a wig. It’s made me so carefree, confident, and SAVES ME TIME! I don’t know why hadn’t tried this before.’

Thank you so much Muna for all your words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We will always be grateful having you around. Keep bringing your uplifting, motivational spirits to HairBru. We are excited that you got to experience the wig life with us.

Follow Muna’s journey by checking out her Instagram, as well as YouTube channel.

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