Wig Wednesday Feature -Taapz

Wig Wednesday Feature -Taapz

Taapz makes her solo debut September 27th, 2020 with her new single called “How I Feel.” Dedicating the song to all the lovers across the world. Releasing a lyric video on her YouTubechannel and being verified on Spotify. The R&B/Pop singer was anxious and nervous about the release of the song. But she has been overwhelmed by the love and support. She is already asking her producer when she can work on her next one!

She’s been making a career path in music for 4 years but she has been singing her whole life. She notes that she gets her voice from her roots of her church being a big part of her life. Gospel music was the only music they listened to growing up. Acknowledging that gospel music brings you to a trance of some sort. 

When she was starting out in music she felt like she needed a plan B to be able to have a sustainable income. But plan B did not make her happy. And throughout the years the stigma of not being able to have music be a source of income has shattered. More and more people nowadays are proving that you can. It doesn’t matter if she makes a million dollars or two. It is about what makes her happy. Her fear is to get old and think back on all the things she didn’t do. She notes that if she went to her grave today she would be satisfied with her accomplishments.

She ordered a custom burnt orange wig from us and it turned out so amazing. She called us with a time restraint and was blown away by the service HairBru provided. She had a 7 day time period to have her custom wig made and shipped to her. The fact that she was able to have her vision be brought to life so fast was amazing. She likes to call Nadia, her fairy Godmother now. 

Taapz likes wigs because it’s a change of personality. She doesn’t want to be plain Jane everyday as she puts it. Going to the salon often doesn’t make sense to her as well. So wigs are a great idea. And in the long run a good savings tool. She used to hate wigs because she felt they were made for a “mom or aunt” in mind. The ones she saw were not stylish. But once she met HairBru, those mentalities were no more! Being able to explore your personal style with us is the main goal. So wigs have become a big part of her life. 

Taapz has natural hair and she made sure to learn how to love it. As a child there was a rule that you had to keep your hair short. But once she got to high school she was able to grow it out. She began to start braiding her hair to help it grow. When she came to Canada she tried relaxing but she did not enjoy the way it looked. It was too flat for her and thin. So she preferred to keep it shorter. And her husband is absolutely obsessed with her shorter hair! So meeting him really helped her learn to love her natural hair.

If Taapz could talk to her younger self she would tell her to be brave and stick to her gut because she knows herself best. Everyone always has opinions but you should always listen to yourself. You can take advice but don’t let what is happening on the outside affect what’s inside. 

We loved speaking with Taapz and are always thankful to be able to speak with her. Even though she’s all the way in Ottawa and we are in Winnipeg, we still feel as close to her as ever. Thank you for sharing your music and always inspiring others.

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