Salon Policies

As service providers, our stylists’ personal income is based solely upon the services provided at Hairbru, to you, our guests. As a place for extremely valued guests, every effort will be made on our part to prioritize your time and make you feel special while you’re here. In return, our expectation is that you, our guest, will make every effort to keep your scheduled appointment. 
While we understand that circumstances may arise that will require a possible cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment, the following policies are in place to ensure that we can accommodate all of our valued guests as efficiently and effectively as possible given the limited amount of available appointments per week for each service provider. 


24-hour advanced notice is required for any appointment cancellations. For any cancellation less than 24 hours prior to appointment, the guest will be charged a cancellation fee at the time of their next service.


To ensure that we can deliver the best possible experience to our guests, we have allocated the necessary time to complete each service. Arriving on time for your scheduled service(s) ensures adequate time for our service providers to comfortably complete your service(s). We regretfully may not satisfactorily complete any service if a guest arrives a maximum of 15 minutes late, however we will do our best to accommodate with the time that remains for that appointment. We do reserve the right to decline any service to a guest that is more than 15 minutes late for their scheduled appointment. 
We pride ourselves on the lovely experience we provide to our guests, and respecting these policies enables us to continue to consistently provide that experience. Thank you. 


We know, things are weird. COVID-19 has caused us to adopt some new protocols and procedures. Please familiarize yourself with these protocols before booking an appointment in salon:

  •  No staff who is ill or displaying flu-like symptoms will be permitted to work. 
  •  If you, the guest, are ill or displaying flu-like symptoms, please stay home!
  • Guests are asked to sanitize hands upon entry to the salon.
  • Bathrooms and common areas will be disinfected regularly
  • Cancellation policy will be in full effect for guests that we have to turn away for not following protocol.